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Arts * Fashion * Culture as Solutions for 21st Century Life Challenges & Pitfalls   
Long Island's culturally competent non-profit organization effecting self-help solutions for work * school * home and play  


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"We introduce the unique qualities and approaches of the visual, literary and performing artist as viable problem-solving and personal development enhancement tools.

We awaken "the artist" in all people as they develop problem solving skills of their own through the vehicle of the arts, fashion and culture."           -Madona Cole-Lacy -

"Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one." -Stella Adler- 

"​Art is a shadow of what a person is thinking. ..     a small glimpse of what they hold inside. Little secrets, regrets, joys...every line has its own meaning."                                
  -Sarah- Los Cerros Middle School, 1999-





Financial Support & In kind  Donations 

Funding makes it possible for us to offer more quality programs at no or minimal cost to Long Island youth, families and communities. Donation of goods and professional services is invaluable.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." -Helen Keller-


Your Time for Creative Empowerment is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that educates and empowers children, adolescents and parents of both secular and faith-based communities in the Long Island area, through the use of  the arts, fashion and culture as mechanisms to:

* Improve interpersonal relationships 

* Avoid pitfalls that are unique to life in the 21st Century

* Specifically identify and effectively develop healthy problem-solving

* Enhance personal development and increase cultural sensitivity.

We value your participation as a supporter, or as one who receives benefits from our programs and activities.

We welcome all the help we can get in promoting the programs and activities of Your Time For Creative Empowerment, Inc. more

Congratulations to our 2014/15 
Creative Empowerment Arts Contest Winners!

Malaika Foster - Elmont Memorial High School, 

10th Grade Winner (Poem)

Jhalisa Bayer - Wyandanch Memorial High School, 11th Grade – Visual Arts Winner: pen, broken mirror pieces, hot glue, acrylic 

Glorieanne Quiban - Farmingdale High School, 11th Grade - Visual Arts Runner Up: Digital Illustration

Dany Mazariegos - Wyandanch Memorial High School, 11th Grade -Visual Arts Runner Up: Drawing

Melchizedek Aarons - Wyandanch High School Graduate, 12th Grade Winner - Music: Jazz – Saxophone 
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I am happy to announce that our Peer Leader, Marie Saint-Cyr, has just returned home to the U.S. from studying abroad in Italy as a first year student of the Fashion Institute of Technology.  

Marie's initial contact with Your Time For Creative Empowerment, Inc., was as a Westbury High School Senior who participated in our Creative Empowerment Arts Contest in 2014. Marie was one of 14 students from high schools countywide, who participated that year. Since then, she has participated in our workshops, our fundraising gala and has assumed the office of a Your Time For Creative Empowerment Peer Leader who has volunteered her services to the nonprofit. 

Please read an interview with Marie Saint-Cyr on her Study Abroad experience here.

This is a particularly exciting time of the year for me as I visit schools to present scholarship awards to winners of our Creative Empowerment Arts Contest. I must commend the administrators, principals and staff of these schools for the hard work they put into organizing their respective senior award events.

Last Thursday, I had the honor of making a college scholarship presentation to Nailah Garard of the Half Hollow Hills High School East! As I sat amongst other presenters at the Awards Program, I couldn't help but feel I truly belonged there - whether or not I was scheduled to make a presentation. Our leaders of tomorrow were being acknowledged for the hard work they had put in throughout the years! Even with the impressive representation of the immediate family members, I could see how the significance of this acknowledgement spills over to the community at large, to become the business of my co-presenters who represented all facets of the community. 

I must confess that, if it were possible, I would have given a hug to every one of those ACHIEVERS! I would have told them to keep their eyes trained on the prize, for the world was looking up to them for sustainability.  As I expressed my conviction that they could rise up to the occasion, I would have prayed that they would take this "random lady" seriously enough to believe it. 

Kind regards,

Madona Cole-Lacy​

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